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About  J. Legacee


J. LEGACEE creates high quality footwear, without losing sight of functionality and comfort.

To ensure this high level of quality, all of our products are produced in Portugal and are made with fine leather fabrics.

The special insole provides full arch support, so that you can stand firm in any situation. Our asymmetrical design creates a unique silhouette, which will make you stand out from the crowd. We have even imprinted our core values on the outsole, so that they travel with you wherever you go.
All of our footwear products are presented in a luxurious shoebox, including protective cushioning and a sample of our fragrances.

By putting quality over quantity in everything that we do, we gain focus and our collection reflects this.
We have created a divided product line with different styles that are all based on our core Mid-top model.

Unlike other brands, the yearly seasons do not dictate our collection. Instead, we put together a selection of styles, with different color and fabric options to choose from all year round.

Everyone has a unique identity. That is why we divided our collection over three different styles, so that you can find the right fit.


Our entire footwear collection is designed to be unisex.





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