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About Club Les (Art)ists

In 2012, CLUB LES (ART)ISTS started selling tee shirts inspired by US football jerseys. The tee shirts were first available at Colette retail store in Paris in 2 colors black and white as a road and a home jersey.


The idea was to create an imaginary sporting club. CLUB LES (ART)ISTS is a French independent label based in Paris and wants to express a new fashion brand category mixing street wear and sportswear. Our dream team includes only our favorite artists from art, fashion and music. Our supporters share our interests in contemporary art, design, architecture, fashion, music, traveling, high tech and food.


The first year, the collection paid attention to top international retailers like Colette in Paris, Restir in Tokyo, Koon with a View in Seoul , Hypebeast Store in Hong Kong , Luisa Via Roma in Firenze, Selfridges in London, Harvey Nichols stores …


Moreover, the brand received a great support from media such as Highsnobiety, Hypebeast, Glamour magazine, Grazia, Elle magazine, Be magazine, Shoes Up magazine, L’Officiel de la Mode, Complex, Teen Vogue, Air France magazine, New York magazine, … and bloggers.


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