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About Ganni


Ganni is a Danish fashion brand founded in 2000. The company designs four womenswear collections a year, never-out-of-stock collections, a shoe line, accessories and lingerie.


Ganni’s collections are inspired by the finest iconic women and styles of the past blended with the essence of our time. From the perfect date-night dress to slouchy-chic Sunday knits, Ganni has an instinct for designing pieces that style-obsessed women want in their wardrobes.


Ganni don’t do tricky, high-concept Scandi-style or girly-boho. The brand is different and makes gorgeous designer fashion that works.


The driving force behind the Ganni success story is Ditte Reffstrup. A skilled creative director, Ditte’s vision and strong fashion sensibility has transformed Ganni into an international fashion brand.


Ganni own and operate 14 flagship stores in Denmark, Norway, Germany and United Kingdom. The brand is represented in more than 400 department stores and fashion shops around the world with sales in 20 countries. Ganni continues to evolve and expand on the international fashion area.


In 2014, Ganni was announced as the winner of Brand of the Year at the prestigious Danish Elle Style Awards.


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